Book 2 novel revisions submitted

The revisions for Flights of Marigolds were submitted on Wednesday to Laksa Media. Yay! I loved the notes I got from the editor, and I think the book has really improved as a result of his input. We are on an early timeline to fit the schedules of the cover artist and proof reader so […]

Author Development Program Finale

Wednesday marked the end of the Alexandra Centre’s Author Development Program, wherein all the students did a brief reading. My student closed the evening with a humorous piece from his novel. It was a great program–and well-enough received that they will run it again next year! I signed up to be a Story Coach again, […]

Calgary Young Writers’ Conference

Every year, speakers at the Calgary Young Writers’ Conference are asked to make changes to their sessions so students who may repeat their session get something new. Although I always do a drama session (it’s my thing that’s different from the other presenters, and it’s a great way to stimulate students’ stories for writing) this […]

Great meeting with my publisher

Had a wonderful meeting with my publisher on Tuesday. Things are moving forward! Also, got one large job taken off my plate, and some prioritization with other jobs, meaning some jobs can be put off until later. All that takes a bit of pressure off, which is great. Also, I get to work first on […]

Finished a short story

“Breeding Laughter,” a short story in my Addicted to Heaven universe, has gone to beta readers and now been revised and edited. Just sent it off to Laksa Media for input–if I am going to write in the Addicted to Heaven universe, I want the work to coordinate with the publisher’s publicity plan.

Capturing Video for Book Trailer

Had a lovely trip to the mountains this week, and managed to capture quite a bit of beautiful scenery to use as “B Roll” for my Youtube book trailers for Bursts of Fire. Got a variety of landscapes, including mountain vistas and cliffs, rivers, snow, desert, and forest. Looking forward to editing the videos together!

So busy with other stuff! Grr!

Yeah, I’ve been productive, but the days fly by and sometimes it seems like I have long stretches when I’m not writing!! This week was editing, editing, editing–for clients. Which is good (I like income, and the work is creatively satisfying), but I want to get back onto my own stuff!!

Rainforest Retreat

I am so lucky! My Rainforest Writers Village retreat followed directly on the heels of my Dead Man’s Flats retreat, so I get about 11 days of concentrated work on the edits. We did have a hiccup when one of our friends came down with pneumonia! Spent a few hours in Emergency before she was […]