Calgary Young Writers’ Conference

This was a week of editing and organizing a writing retreat for my group (via Zoom), and today I presented at the Calgary Young Writers’ Conference. I love that conference: kids in grades 5-9 give up their Saturday to attend, and they are a dream class: they love writing! But three days this week were a ski holiday (at the local resort) for my wedding anniversary.

Back to the novel

Finished with an editing client, and got two mentees well on their way, and got a bit more done on my novel (4300 words, bringing me to 42K) and I have a few more days I can devote to it before I have more commitments. My goal is to get to the 50% mark by the end of this week.

I got an Alberta Foundation for the Arts grant!

WOW!!! Just received my official letter confirming I’ve been approved for an Alberta Foundation for the Arts grant! I had applied in September and in December I was told my application was “highly recommended.” AFA juries divide applications into 3 groups: funded, highly recommended, and not funded. Then the administrators fund the first group, and inform the second group that they COULD receive funding if there is money left at the end of the fiscal year. I’ve been highly recommended before, but not received funding–but this time–I did! I was allowed to change the project dates, so I now have until May, 2022, to write a draft of the novel. Looking forward to clearing my plate and diving in!

This is my 3rd AFA grant: second one for creating a new work, and that book is now in submission at DAW (the most recent grant was for my book tour with Bursts of Fire.)

Catching up

So last week’s writing retreat was awesome, and I got a ton done on my novel, bu this week I had to catch up with all my editing clients. So–all the balls are still in the air!

Also, I taught Backstory Secrets, a one-day workshop, today. Great class–ten students (online) all willing to share their writing, as questions, and contribute their background knowledge. Made for a wonderful learning environment.