Well into the new year, and tons of stuff on the go: continuing to work on my current novel, waiting for edit requests from my publisher for book 2 of my series, and ARCs for book 1 were mailed to reviewers this week. Prepping for the video filming for the book trailers for books 1&2 […]

Back in the saddle

Had a few days off for Christmas, but have been writing this week, too—and super-enjoying it! I finished a series of scenes, which I may not use, showing what the villain is up to. Stuff I need to know, but as a mystery, may have to be kept secret from the reader. Now I’m back […]

Got a box of books!

I’m a judge for the Sunburst Award for adult and YA books published in 2018. Just received a box of 33 books (and there are 4 ebooks as well). That is BOX ONE. Not sure how many books there will be altogether, but the judges (there are 5 of us) have to come up with […]

Took on a new editing client

I took on a new editing client. I was a bit leery of taking on anyone with a full novel, because I’m going to have a pretty full plate for the next while, but this person is writing short science fiction, so the work can be done in short bursts. Also, he’s a good writer, […]

Art Show

Had a great time at the Fine Arts and Crafts Show. I sold one painting and had queries on two others, and I sold a copy of my collection of short stories. Also, I got to connect with artists and attendees I hadn’t seen in a while.

My short story is eligible for the Nebulas

My short story, “For A Rich Man To Enter” (Intergalactic Medicine Show, May, 2018) is eligible for the Nebula Awards in 2019. I have posted my story in various places; now let’s see if anyone is interested in nominating it! I can’t nominate my own work, but I have been perusing the work of other […]

Saw a 1939 Yellow Pages from Dieppe!

Tracking down the Dieppe Yellow Pages from 1939 was tricky. I arrived too late on Friday to go to the town hall, but it was open Saturday morning—unfortunately, not the Archives. I had a bike trip planned for Monday, so I went on Tuesday, but was told they did not have…either this document, or the […]