World Fantasy

This week: finished a novel analysis for a client, then have been spending the rest of the time at WFC. I’m on two panels and have a reading. It’s been great to re-connect with old friends, even though it’s virtual. However, the conference is extremely well organized by some super-enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and friendly volunteers.

Finished the edit!

Finished the edit on the client’s book and started work on a mentee’s submission, then took off to visit my sister for a couple of days. Still teaching (and picked up a couple of courses for the winter semester which will run if they fill). So none of my own writing…


Yep. Teaching. Editing. Got a critique on my novel outline, so I’m pretty excited to get back and revise it. Oh, and did I mention, I sold a second reprint? Yay!

More editing

This week I was editing for a client (a really good YA dystopia) and teaching my spec fic class via Zoom–and I also started a paid mentorship, so not much of my own writing.

Back to editing!

I client I worked with last spring (structural edit) returned for a stylistic edit on the same book–which, by the way, is really quite wonderful. I am really enjoying working with her on cleaning up a few nits in the prose!