Edits to Book 2

Spent the week editing Book 2–just a few commas, and so forth, but I wanted to read the whole thing through one last time to be sure it was as smooth as possible. In to the editor today!

Today was my book launch!

Laksa Media is phenomenal at re-inventing the book launch. Rather than having a traditional reading, we shared the first 4 book videos and collected feedback on what worked and how we could improve. There were forms for people to fill out, if they so chose, and we got lots of helpful comments. An hour was too short to cover everything we wanted to do, but we had a good turnout–about 90 people.

Leading up to the BIG WEEK!

So, Laksa Media has announced my book!!! They made an awesome poster, that I am now sharing with friends and family. SOOOO close! I have a week to finish the videos and do one or two small things (as well as do the final edits to Flights of Marigolds, as soon as I get them from my editor) and the following week the book is OUT!!!

Made 2 deadlines this week, and an interview

First deadline: I finished the rough draft of the first 4 videos for the Bursts of Fire launch and sent them in to Laksa Media for critique before finalizing. Second deadline: blogpost for Mary Robinette Kowal’s “My Favorite Bits” blog. And on Wednesday, Josh Pantalleresco interviewed me for Just Joshing. Getting ready for the launch!