Presenting this week for the Canadian Authors’ Association

Got a few chapters done on the WIP, so that’s going well. Editing clients and other writing-adjacent work is still eating up some of my time, but presenting to people is fun and keeps me active in the community. This week I’ll be presenting on “Backstory Secrets” on behalf of the Canadian Authors’ Association!

Literary Guest of Honor at Keycon!

Finished the edits for a client, freeing me up to get back to the novel, hopefully tomorrow. I still have to plan a presentation for Tuesday, so that will come first. Also, the Life Beyond Us Kickstarter funded!!! YAY! So now I will be one of 3 editors working on the antho. I’m super-excited about that.

Oh, and I’m going to be Literary Guest of Honor at Keycon, Manitoba’s con in 2 weeks–virtually, of course. So, that’s exciting, too.
Finally, I’m doing a webinar for the Canadian Authors’ Association on Backstory. So…yeah, I keep busy.

Asked to co-edit Life Beyond Us

I guess I didn’t mention this before (where’s my brain?), but I was asked to co-edit Life Beyond Us, an antho by the European Astrobiological Institute with a ton of amazing authors (Stephen Baxter, Greg Benford, Tobias Buckell, Eric Choi, Julie E. Czerneda, Mary Robinette Kowal, Geoffrey Landis, and more), and editors Julie Novakova and Lucas Law.

So–over the moon on that. BUT (of course) the kickstarter needs to fund (it’s at 80% with 9 days to go, so, fingers crossed). Any help letting people know would be much appreciated. Some of the rewards are totally cool (virtual tour of the Very Large Telescope in Chile, and so forth), and it’s an education outreach program for science (a science essay explaining the underpinnings of each story is part of it). I’m really hoping it goes!

YES! Short story sale!

Clearly, the short story I submitted to Shapers of Worlds Volume II was accepted–because I got paid! Yay!

Also, I got some good news I can’t share yet. Watch for an upcoming post!

Short Story Sale…I Think?

The kickstarter for Ed Willett’s Shapers of Worlds antho funded, so I (presumably) have a short story sale there. Of course, he can still reject my story, but my name is on the cover of the book, so hopefully not! It’s got a great TOC–people I’ll be thrilled to be listed with! Garth Nix, Kelly Armstrong, Steve Stirling, Matt Hughes, Barbara Hambly, Nancy Kress, David Levine and Carrie Vaughan, to name a few.