New Video complete!

Getting ready for the book launch in August–got another book video uploaded onto Youtube. Won’t make it public until Monday, though, to try to get a few more eyeballs on it.


Unfortunately, I got slammed by a bug this week (not COVID), and spent most of it asleep. Literally. Sigh. Starting to feel better…next week has GOT to be better!

Prepping for the launch

So many things to prepare for the launch of Flights of Marigold, but this week I focused on the next action-adventure video. This will just be another taste of images set to the amazing music of Sora, but I’m looking forward to filming a few more scenes, and working on the editing with the amazing Holly Totten!


This week I planned and taught a course on manuscript submission, finished doing a manuscript review for a friend, and worked with a publicist on prepping the launch of Flights of Marigold in August. We have a new video planned!

Where does the time go?

Did a variety of things this week and the time has simply evaporated. Editing two projects, attending a seminar and a book launch (virtual, of course), volunteer work…and, a camping trip. Okay, yeah, and a DnD game. Fun week!