A Week of School Break!

No Family School this week. Did get out cross country skiing for a few hours, but that is the last of it: snow is staring to go, and social isolation is ramping up. Did edit for a client and had a virtual meeting to review the work. He is happy with the direction his memoir is going!

Busy week, but no writing

Yep. Schools, restaurants and public gatherings are shut down this week to prevent a massive rise in COVID-19 cases overwhelming our hospitals, so I’ve gone back to teaching–family-style. Fun, busy, but no writing. Weird to be living through a SF-predicted tipping point in my lifetime, though it’s not as though something like this wasn’t foreseeable.

A week of editing

No new fiction this week–all editing jobs. I created a nonfiction proposal for the biography I’m working on, revised the Dinosaur treatment as per client’s requests, edited a continuing client’s short story, put together a contract for a potential new editing client, and blurbed a novel as per a publisher’s request. Whew!


Have been working on a treatment for a play (that could also be a MG book) about dinosaurs.  It’s been interesting using the Hero’s Journey as a scaffold, and checking out 8-10 kids’ stories (everything from Hans Christian Andersen to Wreck-It Ralph) to see how they hit the beats. I’ve used this structure before, but mostly as reverse-engineering for an idea I already had, rather than as a guide to creating something new. It’s been interesting and inspiring. Amazing how you can put together connections that spark new ideas.