Anticipating Denvention

June’s publication of “Back” in Analog Science Fiction and Fact was my third and qualifying publication for SFWA membership, so I am now a SFWAn. I was thrilled to see that “Back” received two recommendations for a 2008 Nebula Award. Ten recommendations puts a work on the nomination ballot, so I am hopeful that others will read “Back” and recommend it as well (you must be a member of SFWA to do so). It is available to read here.

This spring I attended the Keycon Silver Anniversary in Winnipeg which was fun and informative. Luke Ski performed, and he was very funny, and the masquerade was one of the best I have ever seen. I attended Robert J. Sawyer’s book launch of “Identity Theft,” and was pleased to see “Phantom of the Space Opera” in the video room. I sat on three panels with Rob Sawyer, Jean-Loius Trudel, Virginia O’Dyne and Ed Willett, and had lunch with Eric Flint and dinner with Dave Duncan. In addition I attended the Aurora Awards Banquet and was thrilled to see my friend, Hayden Trenholm win the Aurora for Best Work, Short Form, for “Like Water in the Desert,” which by the way, was an awesome read.

Looking forward to reconnecting with lots of people in a couple of weeks at Devention!


I have a sweet little horror story called, “Director’s Cut.” I thought Brutarian might be the market for this one, so I sent it off last week. Wish me luck!

Young Writers’ Convention

Next weekend marks the 2007 Calgary Young Writers’ Conference. I’ll join approximately fifty other professionals connected with writing for young people, to offer sessions to youths aged ten to fourteen. Topics on writing fiction, non-fiction, poetry and drama as well as on illustration will be offered, as well as a keynote session by Deborah Ellis. A book store and author signings will also be included for the 1200 attendees.

Rainforest Writers’ Retreat 2008

Fairwood Press’ Rainforest Retreat was a smashing success for the twenty-eight writers who met on the Olympic Peninsula near Seattle, on the weekend of March 22 – 25. Patrick and Honna Swensen were the perfect hosts, and guests Jay Lake and Barb and J.C. Hendee were a wealth of information and inspiration. Sessions included plotting the novel, synopses and, of course, readings by our guest authors. In addition, Susan Matthews ran a fascinating session on runes. However, the main reason to go was to get away from it all and write.

The location was perfect: beautiful, with no cell coverage, no internet and no sunshine. Over 77,000 words were written by the participants. And, when our fingers became too stiff from typing, there were communal meals and down time to get to know one another and swap stories about the writing business.

One of my big thrills was to meet David Levine, winner of the 2006 Hugo for best short story. All in all, it was a wonderful weekend.