Slow start to January

Alberta didn’t open its schools last week because they wanted a COVID cushion after the holidays so I wound up babysitting all week. Got a bit done on my short story but it’s still not finished. But I’m itching to finish because it’s RIGHT THERE!

New short story

I’m super-excited to be invited to submit a short story to Ed Willet’s Shapers of Worlds (Vol II), which he is Kickstarting right now. The first volume did very well and if it all works out for this one, I’ll be sharing a TOC with some amazing writers! My short story is planned and about 1/3 written, and I’m very happy with the way it’s going.

Christmas village

Each year, our family makes a Christmas house–usually Santa’s–out of gingerbread. This year, we made a village: a church with two small houses, connected over a stream by a couple of bridges. All edible, of course!

Plot outline submitted!

Despite a week of deadlines (work for 4 different editing clients) I finished my plot outline for book 3 of my series and sent it off to the editor, with whom I agreed to share it. So, a few tick boxes this week!