Toronto, Can*Con and Auroras!

Amazing week. Read at Chizine’s Chiaroscuro Reading Series in Toronto, with about 31 people in attendance (5 authors) – very welcoming and cool crowd in a funky part of town (Kensington Market), walkable from my B&B. Also, dinner with my cousin! Great to touch base with Toronto peeps I hadn’t seen for a while, too.

Then on to Ottawa for Can*Con – again, saw all kinds of people I know and love. Got to stay at Timber House, which was AMAZING–beautiful home, beautiful hostess (Zandra), and walkable to downtown. So comfortable. Had great programming opportunities and took in some good content.

Saturday night was the Auroras, and though I didn’t win in either of my categories, Disabled People Destroy Science Fiction did, which was a highlight (don’t mind losing to a Hugo winner), and Kelly Robson’s win for short fiction was a shoe-in. Another highlight was her keynote, and a third highlight was Kate Heartfield’s emotional win for best novel. Great night.


Another 2 days of writing!

Yes, Writers In The House is another 2 days of writing. I’m now at about the 2/3 mark of Book 3. Going really well–love the story, love the parts that are already written (I quilted it from the back of a motorcycle so most scenes are written, but some are just sketched), and the plan is easy to follow for the rest. Lots of back-and-forthing, though, to be sure everything is consistent. Fun!

Folk Tree Lodge Retreat

So: three days of writing! Plunging back into Book 3: Scents of Slavery.  It’s mostly done, but a few scenes need to be written and the whole thing reviewed for continuity. Over the next couple of weeks I hope to finish.

Finished editing a non-fiction biography

Edited Kathy Calvert’s biography on the life of Jim Davies, pioneer helicopter pilot. He was the first (or at least, among the first–there may have other, independent trailblazers in other parts of the world) to work out systems for heli-skiing and mountain rescue slinging. Fascinating stories!