New short story

Spent a week on the motorcycle, which is not only awesomely fun, it gives me lots of think time. Pretty much have a new short story planned out, though I’ll have to do a bit of research and some stuff I couldn’t do until I got back and onto my computer. Maybe next week I can make a start on the detailed planning and writing!

Heading out on the motorcycle

With all the flurry of activity getting ready for the launch, I’m taking a week to decompress and ride. Of course, I can’t leave writing behind. On the motorcycle, I have no choice but to have a quiet time inside my brain–no music, no podcasts, no conversation. Good think time. I find it very creative. And, if I have some good ideas, I can just attach my mic and recorder. Looking forward to it.

Meeting with my publisher

Had a great meeting with my publisher yesterday. We covered a lot of ground. There is still at ton of stuff to do before the launch in a month, and the promotional stuff is really starting to ramp up. I have my list!

Dedication and Acknowledgements

This week, I’ve been working on the dedication and acknowledgments, and other supplemental material, for Book 2 of the series. This takes a lot of thought. Of course, I have a record of those who have helped me, but I wanted to consult regarding correct spellings and so forth. This is really exciting work!

Filming at the Zoo

I had a lovely afternoon at the zoo, filming animals for the Bursts of Fire videos. I don’t expect to use a lot of this footage–it will just be brief, incidental shots to give context to the main footage. Looking forward to doing the edits, and putting it all together!