Book Trailer Videos

Got started filming some of the book trailer videos that Laksa Media will use to launch Bursts of Fire this summer. We did the easiest ones first: filming artists who either worked on, or were inspired by, the novel. Next, we need to edit them to the music.

Writers’ Circle Discussion

Tomorrow, I’m leading a Writers’ Circle Discussion on “The Engines of Character Motivation.” I have a 1-page (2-sided) summary handout to spark the discussion, and if that starts to flag, a character worksheet. But last time I ran a discussion group, we got through 2 questions, so I think I have tons of material.

Teaching Speculative Fiction

My new class has started for the winter semester, and I have six students–nice small group to allow for lots of individualization, but big enough that the discussion can be lively. I am really enjoying this group–they are more than willing to plunge in to the topics, and most of them have also put up some of their work for critique!

Got a Travel Grant for my Book Tour!

Hey, great news: I got an Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant to help fund my book tour in support of Bursts of Fire this summer and fall! This means I can do all the stops on the tour I had planned, and not be completely broke by the end! Yay!! Thanks, Alberta Foundation for the Arts!!


Well into the new year, and tons of stuff on the go: continuing to work on my current novel, waiting for edit requests from my publisher for book 2 of my series, and ARCs for book 1 were mailed to reviewers this week. Prepping for the video filming for the book trailers for books 1&2 of the series. Also, I’m editing for a monthly client, just met with a potential client with a novel he may want done this year, waiting for all the short stories to come in for the anthology, and agreed to swap novels to beta-read with another author. The course I’m teaching this winter starts on Wednesday, and I’m planning not only my book tour for this summer/fall, but 2 writing retreats in February/March. Oh, yeah, and tons of reading as I am judging the Sunburst awards this year. So, lots of things to juggle!

Back in the saddle

Had a few days off for Christmas, but have been writing this week, too—and super-enjoying it! I finished a series of scenes, which I may not use, showing what the villain is up to. Stuff I need to know, but as a mystery, may have to be kept secret from the reader. Now I’m back on the main story line. Such fun!

Got a box of books!

I’m a judge for the Sunburst Award for adult and YA books published in 2018. Just received a box of 33 books (and there are 4 ebooks as well). That is BOX ONE. Not sure how many books there will be altogether, but the judges (there are 5 of us) have to come up with our top ten recommended books in each category by May 1 (the long list). The YA category so far is looking not too bad: only 6 books in it so far, meaning the top ten are almost chosen. The short list (top 5) shouldn’t be hard either—unless, of course, we get a bunch more books. I think publishers have until December 31 to submit their books, so there could be more coming, but I’m guessing not a ton more at this point. It will be good to become familiar with what’s been written in my field (SFF) across Canada for a given year. I’m sure I will learn a lot that will improve my own writing as I wrestle with what makes the top 10, 5 and 1 the best.

Took on a new editing client

I took on a new editing client. I was a bit leery of taking on anyone with a full novel, because I’m going to have a pretty full plate for the next while, but this person is writing short science fiction, so the work can be done in short bursts. Also, he’s a good writer, so that makes the work much more interesting for me!