Wash, Rinse, Repeat

Yep, more editing on the memoir, more gardening and teaching my class. Good thing I love what I do–it never gets boring! We are hoping to be finished draft 1 of the memoir in a week or so, and a previous editing client told me today she’d like me to do a second pass on her novel–which is a really wonderful story, so I’m more than happy to dive into that before the end of the month. As for the garden, we now have a fence to keep the rabbits out!

More edits and gardening!

With COVID, life doesn’t get too exciting. Still working on the edits to the memoir, which I am thoroughly enjoying, teaching my novel revision class…and getting out into the garden. After such a late spring, it is wonderful to be outside in the sunshine!

Edits–and gardening!

Spring is finally here. Carried on with the memoir edits, but also found some time to get out in the sunshine and dig a small vegetable patch and rake the lawns. Love being outside!

Lots of video editing this week

Still editing the memoir and teaching my class online, but a big chunk of my week was also taken up editing “Sunflower’s Mission: Bendy and the Magical Hats,” a clay animation made by the 4 youngest members of my family during COVID restraints. Got it finished and although the animation is jerky, the video overall is fall-down-laughing funny.

A week of editing

Yes, it’s good to finish one project before starting another, so I put a focussed week in on editing the music industry memoir I’m working on, which is going really well, but it is a big project. Also, I start teaching Novel Surgery on Monday, so I did my prep for that course. I’m really looking forward to teaching it. It will be a different experience to teach online.