Lots happening

Got the story edited for OnSPEC and the chapter for Edge–have a new chapter to edit for them now! Took a couple of days to hike with my sister and saw some spectacular scenery. Perfect weather. Did a little over 50 k in 4 days, with a total of about 5000 ft elevation gain and loss. Some sore muscles, but good food and a good visit with my sister. AND I thought of another short story idea! Wow, and I still don’t have my last short story (that was workshopped) edited…

And, got my hotel room for World Fantasy, coming up in a little over a month!

Finished proofing my Edge novel

Final proof edits for Technicolor Ultra Mall were approved by the author and sent in to Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing yesterday, and they will finish the layout this weekend. Launch in the fall. Very exciting! Also, I finally bought paint, canvases and brushes and have completed two paintings, and am half way through the third. Plus, I have an idea for another short story–will likely get to that tomorrow when it rains.

Did I Mention, I Have a New Story Idea?

Started it last week – I think it has promise. So much to do! But right now, I have Ryan’s novel back for one final look before I send it in to the publisher, so that is a priority. Back to writing in a couple of days!

Rainforest Writers’ Retreat on Wednesday!!

Finished editing the novel for Edge (this round, at least) and want to get mucho short fiction out on the market in the next 2 days because Wednesday I head to the Olympic peninsula west of Seattle for Patrick Swensen/Fairwood Press’s writers’ retreat. THAT is reserved for my novel! Can’t wait!