Did I Mention, I Have a New Story Idea?

Started it last week – I think it has promise. So much to do! But right now, I have Ryan’s novel back for one final look before I send it in to the publisher, so that is a priority. Back to writing in a couple of days!

Rainforest Writers’ Retreat on Wednesday!!

Finished editing the novel for Edge (this round, at least) and want to get mucho short fiction out on the market in the next 2 days because Wednesday I head to the Olympic peninsula west of Seattle for Patrick Swensen/Fairwood Press’s writers’ retreat. THAT is reserved for my novel! Can’t wait!

Taking a week off

To edit a novel for Edge. This is very cool work. I have a great author to work with, who listens openmindedly (is that an adverb?! My spell-checker doesn’t like it) to my suggestions, though he has areas he wants to maintain. So far, I can see how he as done both — used my suggestions and kept the scenes he most wants — to great effect. I am really enjoying both his book, and the process!