OMG – I was nominated for an award!

“Orange” was nominated (by someone) and passed the first judging to become one of the “Notable Online Stories of 2010”! I just checked the website for The storySouth Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2010, and I am in the company of writers like John Scalzi, Adam-Troy Castro, Tobias Buckell, Catheryne M. Valente and Bruce Sterling! And online magazines like Fantasy, Lightspeed,, Suberranean, etc. Also, there are cash prizes–though only for the top 3, so probably I won’t be there, but still!!

Another Sale!

Okay, this one is non-fiction, and not speculative, but I still feel good about it — and I’ll still get paid! A friend who edits for Legacy Magazine said they were looking for essays about the province in Canada where I live — Alberta. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it because I don’t really write non-fiction. But there IS a place that means a lot to me because it reminds me of my father, who passed away five years ago. So it actually wasn’t hard to write the piece.

I wrote the essay Thursday and submitted a proposal. Based on my past sales, the publisher asked to see the piece so I did one final revision, had it beta-ed, and sent it in — still the same day. The next morning (Friday) I got a call from the publisher, buying it! Boy, was that fast! But she said the piece fit well with the intent of the column, and it will likely come out in October! Yay!

Sale to Analog!

Sometimes the news comes thick and fast. I was thrilled a week ago to receive a letter from Stan Schmidt, editor of Analog Science Fiction and Fact, telling me he was buying my latest short story. I had the good fortune to meet Stan a year ago at Worldcon in Los Angeles when I was invited to the Analog / Asimov party as one of the new contributors to Asimov’s. Asked if I had a story for him, I was able to say it was in the mail. Alas, “Tomorrow and Tomorrow” was too “bleak” for Stan–hey, I’m Canadian!–but it was subsequently picked up by Holly Phillips for Tesseracts Eleven, which will be out later this month.

So, I sent Stan “The Right Chemistry,” a short, funny piece that made him laugh out loud, but wasn’t what his readers expect science fiction to be. I had been reading Analog all along, of course, but I got out all my old copies and re-read the short stories, trying to analyze what the commonalities might be. Then I wrote “Back” specifically for Stan, and put it in the mail.

Months passed.

One night I came home from work and checked the mail. There was an envelope in my own handwriting, and I thought, “Oh, which one rejected me?” I only had two stories out in circulation at the time. I opened the flap and saw the “Analog” letterhead and thought, “Stan had that story a long time; I really was hoping he was going to buy it.” Oh, well. Then I read the letter. His first three words were “I’m buying BACK!” Needless to say, I had to jump up and down a few times before reading
the rest of the letter. He had a couple of edits for me, which I sent off within the week.

Ahh. Good times.


I’ve just sold my second story to Asimov’s Science Fiction Magazine.

“Paid in Full” is a look at the relationship between humans and the insects that feed off of them. More details to follow.

Pilot Project

My story, “Playing Games” (OnSpec, Winter 2005 / 2006) will soon be adapted for radio. On Spec magazine is currently working on a pilot project with David Chapman of Pied Piper Productions and Rattenfanger Radio, producing a series of radio dramas that will be available online. The first episodes will also be sent for consideration to several anthology broadcasts, including the Sonic Society in Halifax, Nova Scotia, and Sound Affects in Minneapolis, Minnesota. If the initial project goes well there is hope that a regular series would be broadcast on CKUA Radio Network (approval pending) and would be available via podcast.