Fantastic Con

Anticipation was wonderful – kept me too busy to post. However, here’s a re-cap: First, I didn’t win the Aurora Award for Best Work – Short Form. But my good friend, Randy McCharles did! So the award comes west, to Calgary, and Randy is awesome! I was able to accept the award for him (and get my photo taken) and it was a great evening. Randy also won for Best Fan Organizational, for running World Fantasy last fall, which he really deserved, so good all round!

I sat on 3 panels, did a reading and 2 signings, volunteered for SFWA and participated in a radio play. Along with visiting Old Montreal, buying (and reading) books and connecting with others, I only managed to hit a few panels, but the ones I saw were good.

In addition, I attended parties with, and was introduced to some well known writers, agents, editors and publishers, and received a couple of offers to submit work, so was very pleased with the weekend from a business point of view as well. Here are some pics: james_allan_gardner,asimov's,analog,sheila_williams,worldcon_09
Sheila Williams presented the Readers’ Choice Award to James Allan Gardner at the Analog / Asimov’s party Friday night.nick_dichario
Renee and I went out to dinner and guess who sat at the table next to us — Nick DiChario!

I’m on my way!

What better place than the airport to blog about going to Worldcon in Montreal? I’m sitting on 2 panels and moderating a third, doing 2 signings, a reading, and appearing in a radio play. And, of course, the Aurora banquet — as well as volunteering for SFWA and spending some time at the Edge table. Will be a busy weekend! Hopefully, the hotel will have free internet access and I can post every day.

Another Sale!

Okay, this one is non-fiction, and not speculative, but I still feel good about it — and I’ll still get paid! A friend who edits for Legacy Magazine said they were looking for essays about the province in Canada where I live — Alberta. At first, I thought I wouldn’t be able to do it because I don’t really write non-fiction. But there IS a place that means a lot to me because it reminds me of my father, who passed away five years ago. So it actually wasn’t hard to write the piece.

I wrote the essay Thursday and submitted a proposal. Based on my past sales, the publisher asked to see the piece so I did one final revision, had it beta-ed, and sent it in — still the same day. The next morning (Friday) I got a call from the publisher, buying it! Boy, was that fast! But she said the piece fit well with the intent of the column, and it will likely come out in October! Yay!