World Fantasy was a blast

One of the highlights for me of World Fantasy this year was running into R Scott Bakker, whom I hadn’t seen for several years. We had a great conversation, late into the night. Also, my reading was well attended by about 15 people, which really surprised me. Also, got my copy of Among Others signed by Jo Walton. The art show was small, but high quality. Good friends, good restaurants, Edge book launch!

Gearing up for World Fantasy

So, the mermaid novel is on hold for a bit, while I make sure I have everything I need for World Fantasy. I’m doing a reading, not a panel, and I have my piece picked out; and of course, I need my pitch ready and my completed novel in good shape. It’s a while since I looked at my whole novel, and you know, I really still love it. Found an awkward sentence or two to fix, and now all I have to do is meet the right agent or editor!