My first job as a book reviewer!

Now, this is cool. I was invited by editor Naomi Lewis to do a book review for Alberta Views Magazine! The book is right up my alley: a YA fantasy. I have to say, I really enjoyed the book, though it had some flaws. This made it easy to give a balanced view, because there was lots I really loved about it, but some things to critique as well.

Short Story Sale!

Woot! I sold “Digging Deeper” to Hayden’s anthology through Bundoran Press, Blood and Water! My first sale of the year!

The Galaxy Project–Robert Silverberg

I won a contest! My novella, “Lucy,” and a story by Robert Walton, were selected by a stellar group of judges–Robert Silverberg, David Drake and Barry Malzberg. The prize is $1000 and online publication–I’m breathless!

I Sold a Story!

This is my third sale this year! WOOt! I sold “Leal”–though the title has been changed to “To Go Home To Leal.” It sold to Beneath Ceaseless Skies, an online magazine–at professional rates. Don’t know yet when is coming out…

I sold a novelette to Analog!

What a thrill! Stan didn’t want too much in the way of edits, either–just a few additional dialog tags on the first page and something other than “camera flash” on page 9. Did the changes and he got right back to me saying they were fine! My first novelette (10,200 words)! So, my second sale for 2011!