Things settling down

The role of SFWA secretary promises to be a demanding one, at least for the first few months, but I’m getting a bit more efficient with procedures and routines. Whew! Also, back to the editing job and loving it. Making good progress. And, last night I got a draft of my AFA application done, and it’s not due until September. Looking forward to getting back to the novel, and AFA support would certainly help. Hope third time is the charm.

Rainy day today, and none of my family home. Just the perfect day to get lots of writing done!

I was elected secretary of SFWA

Very cool: I stood for election for the position of secretary with the Science Fiction Writers of America, and won! I fly to San Jose to attend the Nebula Awards weekend in a week and a half, to meet the other members of the board, and to learn more about my portfolio from the previous secretary! Yay!

Almost another chapter complete

Nice, over the holidays, to have a few quiet days–finished three and a half scenes out of the next (four-scene) chapter. That’s fourteen! January may be a less productive month as I have my own grant applications (just one, this year, though I should check to see what grant applications I am missing) as well as those for When Words Collide (three). Also, I am teaching eight half-days as an artist-in-residence–in a French school! Have to brush up on my French. And, start letting people know I am eligible for the Aurora, Hugo and Nebula awards. At least I already updated my website with access to all the stories I can. Oh, and–this just in–I made it past the first cut of the Green Man Anthology! Yay! (And if I find a little time, I have an idea for a series of watercolour paintings…) Oh, and did I just volunteer for positions on the Robin Herrington Short Story Contest committee, and maybe SFWA? Hmm.

Gearing up for World Fantasy

So, the mermaid novel is on hold for a bit, while I make sure I have everything I need for World Fantasy. I’m doing a reading, not a panel, and I have my piece picked out; and of course, I need my pitch ready and my completed novel in good shape. It’s a while since I looked at my whole novel, and you know, I really still love it. Found an awkward sentence or two to fix, and now all I have to do is meet the right agent or editor!

Chicon was great

And, the day after I got home from the motorcycle trip to Washington, I hopped a plane for Chicago. Chicon was wonderful. I got my “Analog Mafia” pin, and was there to congratulate Stan on his retirement and Trevor on his new position. Got to meet the author I work with as an editor for Edge, in person. Sat on two panels (moderated one) and had a reading and a workshop–some good stories, there. Met new people and explored a bit of downtown Chicago, the edge of Lake Michigan and the Chicago Institute of Art with old friends. Good times!