Horse trip was a nice break–back at it!

Four day horse trip (with practice saddling and bridling, as well as hobbling and belling) gave me a bit more solid experience in my “you-never-know-when-you’ll-need-it” research.

Now I’m back at the revisions and it’s going well but SLOW! Too many interruptions (like answering all my emails from being away for 4 days). My goal is to finish the back-and-forthing AND do another read through by the 20th, so…hopefully I will be done on time to send it to my beta readers.

List of revisions complete

I finished compiling all my notes and chapter 1 critiques for The Shadow Spy’s Wife and began the first revision–managed to do my “back-and-forthing” rewrites for the first two chapters.

Revision–and a bit of “just in case” research

I not only took off for a hike this week, but I also got lessons in saddling and bridling a horse (and taking them off), and a riding lesson (turning, backing up, fast walk). Cool! I’ve ridden before, but haven’t done the prep work.

As for writing (and the above IS research, right?) I got a good start on the back-and-forthing for the WIP: re-ordering some scenes, re-thinking some bits of the timeline, considering cutting a couple of small POVs, organizing all the notes I took into some semblance of order under each character’s name. Next: list the clues and be sure I have them in a reasonable sequence, that they are all covered, and not repeated (too much). Oh, and do the scene re-writes, of course.

Editing again

The week has been devoted to editing a client’s novel, and I’m well into it–I’ve read the book, taken notes, outlined my response, and started the letter. I’ll be finished this week. However, because it interrupted my novel, and I am so close to the end (I am a planner, and I know exactly what happens from here on), I decided to be sure to do a little bit of writing on the WIP every day–even just a scene or two–so I don’t lose momentum when I get back to it. It’s working well!