Back from the Rainforest

As always, the Rainforest Writers’ Village was awesome. Highlights included Rob Sawyer’s two talks, one on theme and the other on adapting one’s work for television or film. Some very good stuff on pantsing (Jim Van Pelt), critiquing (Brenda Cooper) and what happens AFTER that first contract (John Pitts). I got to be part of a panel on literary vs. commercial fiction which was well-received, too. Of course, the food and camaraderie was excellent, but the best part was getting some very good ideas worked into my novel outline, and a good start on Chapter 15!

Back from one retreat, on to the next!

Last weekend at Dead Man’s Flats was awesome. Seven of us wrote from Friday at 4 PM to Monday at 6 PM, with a few breaks to visit the Rose & Crown pub in Canmore for dinner (great food, reasonable prices), or dip into the hot tub for re-inspiration. And, of course, a few conversations on writing. I revised a novel outline and wrote the opening 3 chapters–but now I have to get back to my other novel.

When I leave for the Rainforest Writer’s Village in Lake Quinault, Washington, I’m back to chapter 15 of the vampire mermaids book. <grin>

Writers’ Retreat

Tomorrow I head for Dead Man’s Flats for a 4-day writers’ retreat with six other friends. Simple enough: about a year ago we found this condo set in the spectacular mountains–has a hot tub in case we need to take a break from all that typing, and it’s only 5 minutes from Canmore where there are lots of restaurants for dinner and to get out of the condo. Really looking forward to it: dedicated, focussed writing time. And I have tons to do!

Lovely individual writing retreat

So, I just came back from Edmonton, where I had two days alone in a hotel room while my husband was at meetings. My own, personal writing retreat! Edited my Green Man story and submitted it on time, and began editing another story I’d written and had critiqued, but never revised. Hope to get it done and in the mail this weekend.

Amazing writers’ retreat

So, how cool is this? I spent a week, along with five other writers, at a writing retreat hosted by Rob Sawyer! I got lots done, though didn’t do nearly as much as Gerald, who got 18,000 words written! On the Tuesday evening, Rob invited his editor, Adrienne Kerr over for dinner, so you can imagine the conversation was very interesting.