“Playing Games”

Cover Image: Playing GamesIn a disturbing world not unlike “The Nightmare Before Christmas,” Zekielina will do anything to escape her mother’s endless renovations and cuddly bunny games. Flight to the Easter Bunny’s warren and the Tooth Fairy’s castle only result the loss of the tip of her middle finger. But when Zekielina searches for Santa’s elves, she soon discovers she is no longer “Playing Games.”

Donna Jones writes for Crowsnest:

‘Playing Games’ by Susan Forest is about a little girl who liked to go on adventures to find the Tooth Fairy and other fantastical creatures. She fully intends to find out where Santa’s elves come from. Her informant tells her that he is an agent in the North Pole and will happily oblige her request. It all seems an innocent game that she plays chasing the Easter Bunny down rabbit warrens and other childish games, but this time it’s no game. This tale follows the Grimm and Dahl method of child storytelling, giving them exactly what they hope for!

James Palmer writes for Tangent Online:

‘Playing Games’ by Susan Forest is a strange tale of two inquisitive girls, one of whom seeks the answer to where Santa’s elves come from. But when she makes it to the North Pole, she finds out too late that she doesn’t like the answer. This is a weird one. Cute, clever, but weird. A dark little adult fable disguised as a kid’s story.

“Playing Games” is available on Susan’s Curious Fictions page.