“The Fat Man”

Cover Image: The Fat ManWhen climate change and resource conflicts release a flood of US civil war refugees into Canada’s state of martial law, Miche and her daughter wonder if people can be saved by sacrificing a few. And if so, which few?

“The Fat Man” was first published in On Spec #107, vol. 28 no. 4 (2018).

“The streets flash by and I cannot wait for the trip to end, to see Julie, to check the house. Through the train windows, decaying concrete apartments scream out silent graffiti. Hopeless men lounge in doorways, caught between heat and rain. Bands of young louts with no vent for their powerlessness huddle in alleys beneath cardboard, drinking. Many are my countrymen. But many are southern refugees, fleeing drought, fires, hurricanes. Fleeing the American civil war, as the chaos south of the border has been labelled, for the doubtful security of Canada’s martial law.”