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One Risk. One Chance.


Peace in the seven realms of Shangril: shattered. Nobility of the magiel race: broken. Lands of the High King’s opponents: usurped. And Heaven may no longer be attainable.

Meg and Janat Falkyn, fugitive daughters of an imperial magiel, escape to the edge of the world to take refuge with their youngest sister, Rennika. There, they may have the chance to fulfill their mother’s wish and restore their people’s access to their Gods–by recapturing a fabled prayer stone.

But to accomplish the theft, whom can they trust? The ambitious High King’s sister thirsts for power. A calculating regent enriches himself with a steam-driven textile monopoly. A charming swindler sets up an elaborate scheme. They soon find that unraveling secrets hidden in castles, alleyways, and brothels threaten to expose everything.

With rebels stalking the sisters, and the High King’s armies on the march, Meg’s time is up.

Flights of Marigold tells an epic tale of the addictions, survival, revenge, and redemption of three magiel sisters in an insignificant hinterland. Can they hold onto happiness, dreams, and sisterhood when desire becomes addiction?


Meet Susan Forest

Susan Forest writes science fiction, fantasy and horror, and is the author of Aurora Award-winning Bursts of Fire (2019) and Flights of Marigold, (2020).

Susan’s short fiction has appeared in Asimov’s Science FictionAnalog Science Fiction and Fact, Intergalactic Medicine Show, Beneath Ceaseless Skies, and OnSPEC Magazine, among others. Her collection of short fiction, Immunity to Strange Tales, was published by Five Rivers Press, and her nonfiction has appeared in Legacy Magazine, Alberta Views Magazine, and several blogs. Her short stories, “The Only Road,” “Back,” “Turning It Off,” “The Gift,” and “For a Rich Man to Enter” were finalists for the Prix Aurora Award, and her novella, Lucy, won the Galaxy Project, juried by Robert Silverberg, David Drake and Barry Malzburg.

The third novel of her seven-volume Addicted to Heaven series, Gathering of Ghosts (forthcoming, 2023), confronts issues of addictions in an epic fantasy world of intrigue and betrayal. She is currently working on Book 4 of the series, Rivers of Ivy, and an Alberta Foundation for the Arts-funded standalone fantasy thriller, The Shadow Spy’s Wife.

Susan was the editor for Technicolor Ultramall (Edge), a finalist for the Prix Aurora Award in 2013. Strangers Among Us, and The Sum of Us, both from Laksa Media, won the Prix Aurora Award in 2017 and 2018. The third in Laksa Media’s social issues anthology series, Shades Within Us, was released in 2018 and was a finalist for the 2019 Prix Aurora Award. Seasons Between Us  is nominated for 2022, and Life Beyond Us (also from Laksa Media) is forthcoming in 2022. Susan was recently Editor Guest of Honor at Keycon in Winnipeg.

Susan served two terms as Secretary for the Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America (2012-2016). She has judged the Georges Bugnet Award for Fiction, the Endeavor Award, and the Sunburst Award. She contributes to Calgary’s literary festival, When Words Collide, teaches creative writing in Calgary, and presents at international writing conventions several times each year. Susan loves travel and has been known to dictate novels from the back of her husband’s motorcycle.

Susan is a painter and visual artist whose landscapes have been displayed as part of the Stampede Western Showcase in Calgary, Alberta.

Works In Progress

Gathering of Ghosts

Book Three of the Addicted to Heaven Series
Due out in 2023

Rivers of Ivy

Book Four of the Addicted to Heaven Series
Current writing project!

The Shadow Spy’s Wife

Alberta Foundation for the Arts fantasy thriller set during World War Two
Ask about Susan’s research trip to the battlefields of France!


Alternate history set in 1635 during the triangular slave trade.
In submission at Angry Robot Books.