Anticipating Denvention

June’s publication of “Back” in Analog Science Fiction and Fact was my third and qualifying publication for SFWA membership, so I am now a SFWAn. I was thrilled to see that “Back” received two recommendations for a 2008 Nebula Award. Ten recommendations puts a work on the nomination ballot, so I am hopeful that others will read “Back” and recommend it as well (you must be a member of SFWA to do so). It is available to read here.

This spring I attended the Keycon Silver Anniversary in Winnipeg which was fun and informative. Luke Ski performed, and he was very funny, and the masquerade was one of the best I have ever seen. I attended Robert J. Sawyer’s book launch of “Identity Theft,” and was pleased to see “Phantom of the Space Opera” in the video room. I sat on three panels with Rob Sawyer, Jean-Loius Trudel, Virginia O’Dyne and Ed Willett, and had lunch with Eric Flint and dinner with Dave Duncan. In addition I attended the Aurora Awards Banquet and was thrilled to see my friend, Hayden Trenholm win the Aurora for Best Work, Short Form, for “Like Water in the Desert,” which by the way, was an awesome read.

Looking forward to reconnecting with lots of people in a couple of weeks at Devention!

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  1. Wow! Two recommendations for a Nebula. That’s impressive. Unfortunately, I’m not an SFWA member, so we can’t bump that to three.

  2. Thanks so much for your comment! It is a real buzz to get a recommendation, let me tell you. This morning I visited the SFWA site — because I am new, I am still getting used to it, and I have a lot of questions about how the Nebulas work — and discovered that I actually have 2 stories with recommendations: Back (Analog, June 08) and Paid in Full (Azimov’s, Oct / Nov 07). Both of them are available for free on my website — whether you’re a SFWAn or not!

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