Day Job Reality

So, school is back in next week and I’ve been at work already for a week. Amazing how energy-draining the day job can be. However, it’s the weekend now and the day I’ve been waiting for. Back to the novel!

Still, it makes me think . . . how much money does a person really need to live on? A friend who is a highly successful Tor author quite deliberately works during the day at a job that is NOT energy-draining. She is very careful with how she spends her money. And, I am continually amazed at how inexpensively my daughter, a university student, lives. True, when her room and board are free (she lives with me) it helps a lot. Still, she is dedicated to travel to certain cons and to maintain her motorcycle; but clothing, entertainment expenses — she doesn’t have a cell or any of the electronic devices to which most young people are tied — she very simply does without.

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