Holiday is Almost Done

Got another crit for a short story done this AM, and chapter 7 of “Assassins” is done. Ran into a bit of a block starting chapter 8, but it was an interesting process. I knew I couldn’t just continue with what I was doing because I was too long away from my main POV character, yet I really didn’t have a passion for what the main POV character would do at the beginning of chapter 8. Yes, she is there, and yes, I know what plot actions she needed to take, but there has to be passion; drive, or the story is boring. So I went back to the main theme / motivation for the book and discovered that I was doing (AGAIN) what my crit group chastised me for last June: letting my main character “drift” through the book, pushed by outside events, rather than being driven by her own internal motivations. So, I went skiing and did a couple of other things for 2 days, thinking about this. And, of course, it came to me where her motivation is not coming out in the book. So now I have a couple of short fixes to previous scenes and the drive for her actions in chapter 8. Will write it today and see if that’s got it!


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