Banff Retreat

Got tons done during my 2-day retreat in Banff with my SAW writing group. I had some old material to revise — quite a bit — and then I got a new scene done as well, which I wasn’t expecting. There were 9 of us sharing a 10-person loft condo in the mountains with a hot-tub. Various people volunteered to make breakfasts and lunches, and we went out to local restaurants for dinner. People wrote from after breakfast well into the evening hours, although after that we did play “Mexican Train” one evening. It was dead quiet, with only the sounds of keys tapping (we didn’t even look up when the maid came in to change the towels). Randy outlined a novella and wrote 13,000 words — our biggest word count for the weekend. We read aloud Sunday evening and the quality of the work read aloud was awesome — makes me feel very lucky to be a part of this group!

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