Edge’s Tenth Anniversary party was great!

There were a lot of people there — great to see so many people I knew, and so many who’d made the trek to town from other places. It was held at the Aerospace Museum, a perfect venue for a steampunk party — tons of people were getting their photos taken in front of the old airplanes. The food was marvellous — especially the cake!! (thanks, Matt) which was not only delicious, it was so beautiful it was a crime to cut into it. I’m guessing about 80% of the people were in costume and most of the costumes were REALLY well done. I was amazed at where people had got such authentic-looking steampunk wear. And, I won the costume contest (female) — and got a lovely Edge book as a prize (The Apparition Trail, a steampunk novel by Lisa Smedman). Can hardly wait to start it!

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