OMG – I was nominated for an award!

“Orange” was nominated (by someone) and passed the first judging to become one of the “Notable Online Stories of 2010”! I just checked the website for The storySouth Million Writers Award Notable Stories of 2010, and I am in the company of writers like John Scalzi, Adam-Troy Castro, Tobias Buckell, Catheryne M. Valente and Bruce Sterling! And online magazines like Fantasy, Lightspeed,, Suberranean, etc. Also, there are cash prizes–though only for the top 3, so probably I won’t be there, but still!!

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  1. I just noticed this–fantastic and well-deserved congrats. A great concept and so reflective of what we are doing to ourselves. I thought of your story again when i heard obama announce he’s opening up oil drilling in Alaska, the Gulf of Mexico (again) and some other spot. Also, we are digging up the tar sands and fracking oil shale.

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