Congratulations to Aurora nominees!

To all of you–right on! But especially to the wonderful writers and artists I like to count among my friends – Rob Sawyer, Al Onia, Hayden Trenholm, Mike Gillett, Dan O’Driscoll, Brian Hades, Diane Walton! Interesting, only one woman on this list–maybe I have more male friends than female?

2 Replies to “Congratulations to Aurora nominees!”

  1. Susan–I tried to post a comment after I read The Right Chemistry and Orange. I really enjoyed both. Congrats on your nomination (in earlier post). I’m looking forward to reading the other stories you have posted. I love how imaginative your stories are. Cheers!

  2. Thanks, Colette!! Glad you liked them. Orange has now been put out as a podcast with music and a cool graphic. It was a real thrill to hear it!

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