So, World Fantasy was AWESOME!!!

So much to tell! First, my good friend, Barb Galler-Smith, used to live in San Diego (her parents still do) so she had a minivan and knew her way around, and took several of us to restaurants, to see a lighthouse and to the beach, as well as to the San Diego Zoo (very cool).

Then, the panelling was really good–I took in lots, but still missed panels I wanted to see (like the one on stupid people). My panel went fine–I sat next to Shawna McCarthy!

And I reconnected with old friends and new–David Coe, Walter Jon Williams, Michael Cassutt (bought his book), Dave Smeds, and others. One highlight was being in a small group at a party where Connie Willis told hilarious stories of dinners-out gone awry. Okay, lots of name-dropping, but really, it was so great. And, I met two agents and two editors, got requests for partials and one full. With 3 books ready to go, I was able to respond to them all.

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