Teaching Science Fiction

I had my first Science Fiction class at the Alexandra Centre on Tuesday, and it was great. I have six students, and they are very enthusiastic. Already, people have signed up to have critiques done next week, and sent out their manuscripts. I read the first two, and both are really good. Always room for growth, of course, which is the point of the course.

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  1. Hello Susan;

    We spoke at the CPL writer’s weekend about science fiction, Margaret Atwood, Gene Wolfe etc. I forgot to introduce myself: Rick Northrop, ex-journalist and neophyte fiction writer. I didn’t realize you taught science fiction classes at the Alexandra Centre. Like I told you, I’ve bandied about the idea of taking a writing class with my wife. Sounds like this course has begun but are you considering another?

  2. Hi, Rick–It was great meeting you!

    I certainly hope Alexandra would like to run the course again, because I am really enjoying the class. I guess it will depend on whether the students found it useful at the end, and if the Alexandra Centre feels there will be enough students interested in SF in their next term. I am doing a one-day horror workshop at the Alexandra Centre, June 9, though horror might not be what you’re into.

    However, maybe I’ll see you at IFWA, one of these days. I am missing the March meeting (I will be in the US at a writers’ retreat), but generally the meetings are the first Thursday of each month at the Sentry Box Book Store at 7 PM (go in the back door–they lock the front door). If not–see you at When Words Collide!


  3. Susan;

    I’ll try to make the June 9 horror workshop. I’ll sign up regardless of genre. After all, I can write a sci-fi/fantasy horror story! IFWA meetings night be harder to make on a regular basis given the new addition to the family but I’ll come every now and then.
    I went out and bought a copy of the latest Analog with The Most Invasive Species. Looking forward to reading it.


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