Amazing Trip

Wow! The Dempster Highway–on a motorcycle, especially just after rain–is an amazing experience. Talk about slick–I was glad Don was driving, because we met a couple of ex-motorcycle cops from the states who had accidents, and thank God we didn’t, though I was sure nervous sitting on the back. But we got here, safe and sound. But today, we had the most amazing day. We tried to go north, but the roads were bad and not worth it at noon. So we tried again at 5:30 PM. Hey, it stays light here forever, so why not? And the roads were better, so we went to the Arctic Circle–and then on to the border of the Northwest Territories. So–fog, wet slimy mud, downhill, and Don having to take his hand off the handlebars every so often to wipe his glasses. Hmm. But worth it? Yes! A grizzly and cub on the far side. Incredible landscape–no trees–so beautiful! And on the way back? An immense herd of caribou!! Wow!

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