Life Throws a Loop

When Words Collide was totally awesome, as it always is (some have said this year was the best ever), but I missed most of it. Friday, Don saw his doctor because of shortness of breath and overall exhaustion, which is NOT like him. The doctor wanted tests done at the urgent care centre a few blocks away (and wasn’t impressed that Don was going to get there on his motorcycle). The blood tests showed elevated enzymes indicating a heart attack had occurred (or was occurring). The ambulance took him to the hospital (Alec picked up the motorcycle from the urgent care parking lot and brought it home, thank goodness) where he had more tests. Then: an angiogram, angioplasty and stent.

The good news is: he went in healthy (non-smoker, non-drinker who exercises regularly and watches what he eats), so the prognosis is good. Tons of people told me about their father/brother/uncle that had this done 7/3/20 years ago, and feel better than ever. So, Don is home, now, with an even MORE rigid diet, instructions to take it easy (ha!) for a couple of weeks and no work or driving for a month–and a new exercise program coming. Changes for everyone, but we are very positive.

I DID get to parts of the convention (you can’t spend all your time in the hospital–it’d have worn Don out) and got about 5 million hugs and best wishes. What an awesome group of people I associate with!

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