Working Away from Home

My process is working very well. Each evening, I prep the next day by looking at my outline and making brief, point form notes on a slip of paper which I can keep in my motorcycle jacket pocket. If I write 2 scenes a day, that is about 2000 words, so makes for steady progress.

On the ride, I put on my microphone and get the recorder ready; I hit “record” when I have the scene (and what it has to accomplish, as per my notes) in mind. After two scenes I’m done my work for the day. I can usually finish in the morning, but not always.

Then, when we check into our hotel, or after supper, I transcribe my dictation to my iPad while the scene is still fresh. Road noise, a faulty microphone (I had to find a Source and buy a new one, mid-trip), technical glitches, and so-forth can cause the file to be difficult to transcribe.

The result is a terrible first draft, but then, aren’t all first drafts bad? I rather like doing revision, so I know I’ll get the right word for that phrase when I review. I also know there will be missing scenes, and so forth, but I’ll catch those on round 2 as well.

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