Saw a 1939 Yellow Pages from Dieppe!

Tracking down the Dieppe Yellow Pages from 1939 was tricky. I arrived too late on Friday to go to the town hall, but it was open Saturday morning—unfortunately, not the Archives. I had a bike trip planned for Monday, so I went on Tuesday, but was told they did not have…either this document, or the Archives (my French was not that good and their English, about the same). They recommended I go to the Tourist Office for a map.

Hmm. I explained I was researching HISTORICAL addresses, but could get no more out of them. So I went to the Tourist Office, where the girl (whose English was excellent) agreed that their suggestion was nuts. But, maybe not so nuts, because she was able to tell me to go to the Library, which opened at 1:30. I went.

The Archives are only open Wednesdays and Saturdays, but I explained I was on the 6PM ferry and headed back to Canada, and the librarian made an exception for me! She found me the book! No flash photography and no pens were allowed, but I poured through it for about an hour. What a find!

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