Got a box of books!

I’m a judge for the Sunburst Award for adult and YA books published in 2018. Just received a box of 33 books (and there are 4 ebooks as well). That is BOX ONE. Not sure how many books there will be altogether, but the judges (there are 5 of us) have to come up with our top ten recommended books in each category by May 1 (the long list). The YA category so far is looking not too bad: only 6 books in it so far, meaning the top ten are almost chosen. The short list (top 5) shouldn’t be hard either—unless, of course, we get a bunch more books. I think publishers have until December 31 to submit their books, so there could be more coming, but I’m guessing not a ton more at this point. It will be good to become familiar with what’s been written in my field (SFF) across Canada for a given year. I’m sure I will learn a lot that will improve my own writing as I wrestle with what makes the top 10, 5 and 1 the best.

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