Well into the new year, and tons of stuff on the go: continuing to work on my current novel, waiting for edit requests from my publisher for book 2 of my series, and ARCs for book 1 were mailed to reviewers this week. Prepping for the video filming for the book trailers for books 1&2 of the series. Also, I’m editing for a monthly client, just met with a potential client with a novel he may want done this year, waiting for all the short stories to come in for the anthology, and agreed to swap novels to beta-read with another author. The course I’m teaching this winter starts on Wednesday, and I’m planning not only my book tour for this summer/fall, but 2 writing retreats in February/March. Oh, yeah, and tons of reading as I am judging the Sunburst awards this year. So, lots of things to juggle!

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