Re-Thinking the Next Video

Bursts of Fire has been supported, so far, by two action-adventure videos. The next videos we want to put out are artist-inspiration videos, but the feedback we got last summer was that they were unclear. So we are re-thinking the idea of having them with no voice-over.

I had one of the artists (Adria Laycraft) visit me this week and we did a voice recording of her answering a bunch of questions about what inspires her art. Of course, with modern technology, you can do a fairly good digital recording with minimal equipment, but my daughter, who has her BFA in this field, suggested we do it in the laundry room with foamies to absorb the echoes, and use a nylon-stocking pop-blocker.

I think the recording worked pretty well. Of course, the proof will be when we put it onto the video, and see if the quality is what we want. Still, an interesting experiment.

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