Writerly conversations

So, when the four of us go to the Rainforest, it is a two-day drive (we have long ago given up the dangerous, stomach-churning option of driving over night). We want to arrive ready to write, so we have a tradition of giving each person up to half a day (usually it turns out to be 1-2 hours) to talk out whatever they want about their Rainforest project.

Then the rest of us ask questions, help brainstorm, and diverge into writerly topics sparked by the discussion, ending with, “is there anything else we can help you with?” Invariably, not only the focus on the individual, but all the discussions and divergences, ignites each writer’s ideas, creativity and passion for their project. We land at the Rainforest primed and ready to write.

In addition, the writers I travel with are knowledgeable professionals, so it is like a series 4-member convention panels providing a two-day professional development course in addition to the writing and inspiration of the actual Rainforest, itself.

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