Virtual Writing Retreat

The virtual writing retreat was successful for all. We checked in on Zoom at 9:15 the night before the retreat began, to set goals for the four days, then checked in nightly to report on what we’d accomplished and our next day’s goals. The last night we read aloud a bit from something we’d written over the weekend. Everyone reported reaching goals, exceeding goals, and/or getting their motors going after a stall.

For myself, I wanted to plot an entire novel, and I did, as well as write a draft back cover blurb. Next up: write out the “becauses” or “why now” for each event in the book to be sure I don’t have any logic chain issues, and be sure I am maintaining thematic threads throughout the novel, such as the development of the addictions theme, romance, the central character’s pregnancy, and so forth. Then I write!

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