Awards Eligibility: Flights of Marigold

Well, 2019 is growing to a close and I have one work this year eligible for the upcoming awards season: Flights of Marigold (Laksa Media) confronts issues of addictions in an epic fantasy world of intrigue and betrayal.

Meg and Janat Falkyn, fugitive daughters of an imperial magiel, escape to the edge of the world to restore their people’s access to their Gods—by recapturing a fabled prayer stone. But to accomplish the theft, whom can they trust? With rebels stalking the sisters, and the High King’s armies on the march, Meg’s time is up.


So, if you are thinking of the Nebula Awards, Hugos, Auroras, World Fantasy, Locus, or any other category for fantasy novel, have a look at Flights of Marigold, and recommend it to your friends!

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