More on the WIP and slush reading

I had a good week. Although my husband took me on a motorcycle trip for 5 days, I actually got a lot of drafting done on the WIP, dictating into a mic. As long as I stuff my helmet with enough padding, I don’t pick up too much road noise. I type the draft scenes into my iPad when we get to the hotel. Got home on the weekend and transferred the files into my document, and now I’m justĀ re-reading and doing a first edit/revision to smooth out the “crappy first draft” qualities you get when you dictate. Once I’m done, theĀ first draft of the novel will be very close to 75% complete. I want to finish by the end of the month, and take September for revision. It will definitely need cutting!
Oh, and I looked at the first 60 stories submitted to the current Laksa Media / European Astrobiological Institute anthology. Picked out my top 16 and ranked them, with notes, for the other two editors to consider. There’s some very good stuff submitted but we’re only taking 2 slush stories (the other 20 were all solicited), and a couple are already shrieking, “Pick me! Pick me!”

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