I Won The Aurora for 2020!

Good progress on the WIP: finished the back-and-forthing! YAY! I exported it from Scrivener so I can look at it with a different eye (and also to give to my beta readers in Word on Wednesday). I want to do one more full read-through before I give it to them, but I simply don’t have time. I’ll re-do the blurb, and get through as much of a final pass as I can before my deadline. Besides, I have short story selection for an antho, editing for a client, and a revision of Book 3 of my series are all looming, so it will be good to get the WIP off to my readers. I’ve picked a title (at least, for now):ย The Shadow Spy’s Wife.

The big news, though, is: I won Canada’s Aurora Award for Best YA Novel of 2020 forย Flights of Marigold!ย I was amazed–I didn’t think Book 2 of a series would have a hope! But I’m not turning it down!

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