New Story Out This Week!

My short story, “The Only Road” came out last Tuesday in Ed Willett’s Shapers of Worlds v. II. I’m pretty excited to be in the Table Of Contents with Kelley Armstrong, Garth Nix, Candas Jane Dorsey, Jeffrey Carver, Adria Laycraft, David Levine, Carrie Vaughan, Nancy Kress, James Alan Gardner, Barbra Hambly and S. M. Stirling, among others!!! Pretty amazing line-up.

Got a bit of editing done for a client, and (along with my two co-editors) selected the last two stories to go into Life Beyond Us (coming out in September). So a bit of a hodgepodge, and no work on my own novels, but as soon as I get home I plan to revise Book 3 of my Addicted to Heaven series.

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