January looks busy

Finished¬†the back-and-forthing on Shadow Spy’s Wife and began the final read-through. If I do 10 chapters a day, I can finish in 7 days. After day 1: I’m on track! Because I got a grant to write this book, I’m using some of the money to get a professional edit, and about 9 months ago I booked it for next week. I think I’ll be ready to hand it over.

Then I have to get back to editing clients. Only one contacted me so far this week, but I have 4 projects that will all start this month. I like to focus on one at a time, two at most, but people who missed deadlines in the fall are telling me they’ll be ready for January. My first priority is to the people I scheduled for January, of course, but I still feel pressure (from myself, mind) to give all of them a reasonable turn-around. So, it will be good to have my novel in someone else’s hands for a couple of weeks.

In addition, I’m teaching 2 courses–again, I usually only teach one–and both are new to me, courses I haven’t taught before, so that means more prep. And I agreed to judge an award. Yikes. January will be interesting.

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