The summer is opening up

Finished the final read-through of my novel, and did a bit more work on the Life Beyond Us anthology. I have┬áto write a final report for the grant I received for the novel–it’s due June 1, then I’m down to 3 editing projects: a fantasy novel, the homicide detective’s memoir, and whatever is left with Life Beyond Us. I think I’ll spend a bit of time in June cleaning the house and working in the garden, but I may go back to edits for Book 4 of my series. Book 3 got pushed back to 2023 (and I don’t have the edits for that yet–probably won’t get them now until October) so I doubt if Book 4 will be out before 2024. So there’s no rush, but I might as well get on it. Or maybe write some short fiction. Or maybe start another novel I’ve been mulling over. We’ll see.

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