Edits, Research and Noodling

Got the client’s novel done and the editorial comments sent; did a chapter on a co-authored book (the one on courage) and started edits for a new client.

I’ve been researching ideas for my historical fantasy (the one set in Lyon) and found out: Klaus Barbie sent 44 orphans to Auschwitz in about 1943-44, the time frame of my book. The McGuffin is a missing child, so I can see a clock there. I ordered a couple of books from the library on Barbie (he also had a fascinating post-war career working for the CIA, though that’s irrelevant for me), but I will probably buy one as well–one needs to know the villains intimately.
Also, I realized that the hidden villain from Book 1 was shot…but he doesn’t have to die. He was a psychiatrist doing medical experiments who wanted to work for the Nazis because of fewer restrictions–and he knows some of the info on my protagonists, so could be a mechanism by which I draw them into the plot. Noodling is so much fun!

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