Interviews and Guest Posts

Interested in Susan’s writing process and her work as an editor? Enjoy these interviews and guest blog posts!

Blog Posts

October, 2020: Westword Magazine: Susan explains her process for creating action-based book videos.

August, 2019: Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers of America. Susan explains how to translate The Hero’s Journey into a linear plan.

August, 2019: Lawrence M. Schoen Susan describes a meal on a mountainside after climbing Mt. Tupper in the Rogers Pass.

August, 2019: My Favorite Bit with Mary Robinette Kowal. Susan talks about using the adventures of her life to give sensory immediacy to Bursts of Fire.

August, 2019: Whatever: The Big Idea with John Scalzi. Susan discusses why she chose to write about addictions in her Addicted to Heaven series.

August, 2019: SF Canada. Susan enjoys motorcycle riding.

October, 2018: My Favorite Bit with Mary Robinette Kowal. Susan and Lucas Law talk about Shades Within Us: Tales of Migrations and Fractured Borders.

September, 2018: Whatever: The Big Idea with John Scalzi. Susan and Lucas Law discuss Shades Within Us.

April, 2018: The Story Behind the Stories with Orson Scott Card’s Intergalactic Medicine Show. Susan describes how she wrote her short story “The Fat Man.”

April, 2018: Fictorians: Organizing Critique Comments for Implementation. Susan’s techniques for working with comments from multiple different readers.

March, 2018: Unblocking Ideas (Analog Science Fiction and Fact). Different ways of writing your way out of writer’s block.

July, 2016: The Pleasures of Anthology Editing (SFWA Blog). Susan’s award-winning editorial work as an anthologist.

July, 2014: Backstory Secrets (SFWA Blog). Susan discusses tips and techniques for sprinkling backstory through a work that begins in media res.


March, 2016: Interview with Carl Slaughter at SF Signal. Susan Forest on SFWA, the SF community, editing novels, being critiqued, contracts and speculative fiction painting.