Slow progress–but progress!

Summer with a million (non-writing-related) demands is putting a crimp in my word count, but I am still finding bits and corners for writing, so the WIP is progressing. Not as fast as the first half, but I’m happy with the direction it’s taking!

New writing done

Despite being back to busy-ness, I was able to keep up some momentum on the book, though that will get harder over the summer with the million interruptions to my schedule. But I got about 5 more scenes written this week.

Historical fantasy-thriller

I had a great week–took 4 solid days to get my teeth back into my historical fantasy-thiller, Shadow Spy. Was super-pleased to see my earlier scratchings are way better than I remember, and I now have a solid first half of the book (50k). I still have to go through the other 25k I’ve already written, but the second half is not only incomplete, it’ll need some re-thinking. Still, I’m far ahead of where I expected to be at this point. Yay!

Finishing Research Review

Very close to finishing my review of the research I did for the WWII novel, in anticipation of my writers retreat next week for re-plotting the book. Getting some cool twist ideas!

Reviewing research

A good writing week. I booked a retreat for myself for early July to re-plot the standalone fantasy thriller I got the grant for, and spent this week reviewing material I researched in 2018 for it. It’s really good to get it all in my head again for a plotting push. I already have lots of words written, but I won’t be using all of them: I was pantsing and quilting while doing my research, but now I have to put it together. I also wrote the blurb, and revised the prologue and first chapter for submission to a critique group in August, and booked the whole novel for critique in October. So–deadlines!