Research trip finalized

Finished another small editing job and have the way cleared for the trip to Europe–leaving Tuesday. Got a translator for the second interview, so everything is arranged for the research part of the trip!

Book Review: Why Not Me? By Mindy Kaling

Memoir 4/5

Starlet and comedy writer Mindy Kaling opens up about Hollywood in an uproarious collection of essays. I confess, I had no idea who Mindy Kaling was before I read this hilarious memoir, but I gobbled up every chapter. Recommended!

Book Review: World War Z by Max Brooks

Science Fiction 4/5

Written in the style of a historical account, this novel documents the spread of zombies from a small infection in a remote Chinese province to a world plague. Yes, there are graphic zombie attacks, the least interesting parts of the book, but mostly this is an examination of human motivations. Who wouldn’t sell their worldly possessions for the cash to smuggle your wife or child across a border despite the fact that they may be coming down with something? This novel is truly a window into how pandemics spread…or how we deny climate change.

Last editing client before we go to Europe

Finished the first read of my current client’s book, so I should be able to finish the editorial letter in a few days.

Also: booked about 8 ferries for our trip to Europe, so I think we are essentially ready to go. I confirmed the interview at one of the museums (Lyon) for my next novel, and got a translator, but I don’t think I can get a translator for the second interview (Grenoble) because the town (where the historian lives) is so small, I’m not sure I can find one. I might have to do that using my own (tourist) French.