Doctors Without Borders

This week I interviewed a doctor who worked with Doctors Without Borders, for a nonfiction book I am working on. Also, I will be teaching an 8-week course on character for my local community college, starting tomorrow, so I’ve been prepping for that course.

Manuscript Review

This week I worked on the manuscript review, but didn’t get much done because we had a family reunion at the old farmhouse, so that took 5 days, two of which were driving days. But it was wonderful to reconnect with family I hadn’t seen for a long time.

Motorcycle Ride

This week I’m riding on the back of my husband’s motorcycle all over western Canada and the US–Alberta, British Columbia, Washington, Idaho, and Montana–home on Tuesday. When not riding (ie on the ferry), I’m doing a final pass on my latest novel (via iPad) and when the twisty roads straighten out, I’m plotting a new novel in my head, as well as a new short story. The novel is developing nicely!