Book Review: After You’ve Gone by Lori Hahnel

Literary 3/5

In 1935, Lita pulls herself out of poverty by becoming a jazz musician, while in the 1980s, her granddaughter, Elsa, struggles with the same tug-of-war between career and family. I really enjoyed the writing, the characters, and the dilemmas the women faced, as well as the lovingly portrayed environments the women found themselves in. Ultimately, though, it failed to grab me as a reader.

Midpoint re-plot for Shadow Spy’s Daughter

Did the midpoint re-plot for The Shadow Spy’s Daughter. I love my process. It didn’t change anything in the central plot line, but I had placeholder things like “Lilly gets a clue,” and I did the work to figure out, “who is the traitor and what did he do?” and how world events would impact stuff. I also did my analysis of what everyone was doing while offstage, and how to get other characters’ (important) backstories in without taking away from the energy. So: little “aha!” moments that enriched the central story. Things were going well, but this has opened a good little floodgate. Nice.


Book Review: The Goblin Emperor by Katherine Addison 

Fantasy 5+/5

Maia, half-goblin heir to the elf throne is crowned emperor when an “accident” kills his father and 3 older brothers—and he believes his life will be on the line next. This amazing story is full of political intrigue, as Maia can trust no one in the new world he’s plunged into with no knowledge of the sub-currents of court allegiances. I could not wait to turn every page!