Galleys for my collection

So, now I have galleys for Immunity to Strange Tales! I’ve seen the introduction by Mark Leslie, the cover art, the font–it’s getting really exciting! The launch is in August at When Words Collide.

Finished proofing my Edge novel

Final proof edits for Technicolor Ultra Mall were approved by the author and sent in to Edge Science Fiction and Fantasy Publishing yesterday, and they will finish the layout this weekend. Launch in the fall. Very exciting! Also, I finally bought paint, canvases and brushes and have completed two paintings, and am half way through the third. Plus, I have an idea for another short story–will likely get to that tomorrow when it rains.

Frontenac House Book Launch

What a great evening! Frontenac House puts on a classy book launch party. I was able to go hear my good friend, Bob Stallworthy read some of his poetry, which I love (and he reads it so well), but I also heard Richard Harrison for the first time, and he was awesome, too. I even bought his book–it’s been a while since I read poetry, but after last night, I am inspired to learn from my poet colleagues again.

Invitation to Submit! Yay!

Which, of course, is the whole point of the weekend. I was able to approach Jim Minz and remind him of a favorable rejection he gave me on a previous novel and he invited me to submit my new novel to Baen, which I will do post-haste. Wish me luck, everyone!


P.S. My reading from “The Director’s Cut” from Tesseracts Fourteen at the Edge Launch went very well; we also had readings from Jemma, Rigor Amortis and Evolve. And, there was chocolate!

Got to Columbus – Convention’s Great!

Of course, my plane left half an hour late from Calgary, so the hour and a half I was supposed to have to transfer planes in Toronto became only an hour, so I was running madly to get my bag, get through customs (interrupted by multiple airline agents saying, “sorry, this customer has to bump you because he has a connection”) and run several really long corridors to get to the right gate. A lady was standing there saying, “Are you on this flight?” and I called out “Yes!” and she said “Get on!” So I slip into my seat — the last empty one on the plane — as the stewardess is going over the drill, and wondering . . . will my suitcase make it?

Then, looking out the window, I see a guy driving a little electric cart over — with my red suitcase on it. But I think, “the propellors are going — how can he load it on the plane?” And then I see him trot around the wing, my suitcase on his shoulder, and hear a clunk at the back of the plane. So yes, I got here, and so did my luggage!

Met up with old friends and met new ones. Panels are interesting, parties are good. Will read a little from Tess 14 on Saturday at Edge’s launch, AND I get to wear my Aurora pin on my badge. Post more soon!