Alternative places to order Immunity to Strange Tales

There! I updated my webpage with the ordering information for Immunity to Strange Tales. I had the publisher link all along, but it is also available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, Kobo, Google Play, Indigo, W.H.Smith UK, Waterstones UK, and Your Local Book Seller, so thought it was important to have the links in my website. Done!

When Words Collide–another huge success

Where do I start to rave about When Words Collide? Our numbers were up–over 400 attendees. The Keynotes were inspiring, especially Adrienne Kerr’s and Anthony Bidulka’s. Personally, I sold 4 paintings, read at my own reading, two book launches (and had a new story come out in OnSpec) and IFWA’s Bedtime Stories, attended a really well-run Aurora Awards banquet (I didn’t win for best short story, but congratulations to Suzanne Church, who did! Woot!) and some really fun parties. AND, I launched my first collection! But of course, the best part, as always, was the incredible energy of the participants from so many different genres of writing. And exhausting, but very satisfying weekend.

Galleys for my collection

So, now I have galleys for Immunity to Strange Tales! I’ve seen the introduction by Mark Leslie, the cover art, the font–it’s getting really exciting! The launch is in August at When Words Collide.