Consistency, anyone?

Spent the morning going over 3 related novels to ensure consistency: which magic wielder is in each city, and which talisman does each use? Amazing how they differ when you’ve been working on a project for a long time. Consistent now, though!

And, last night I got two new pages up on my website, representing 2 new stories that are currently out. One story I won’t be able to post (the contract for “Lucy” is 7 years, exclusive–but hey, it’s only $1.99 on Amazon), but the other I’ll be able to post in about a month (“Turning It Off,” December Analog). Also, I discovered that only my webadmin has the password to put the photos up for those pages, so they will be coming shortly–but they’re not there yet. However, in preparing the pages, I found three really good reviews of my work. You can read the review of “Lucy” here.

Robert Walton, co-winner of the Galaxy Project

So, here’s something cool: Robert Walton, the other winner of the Galaxy Project, is a mountaineer! Although I’ve done a little climbing, I come from a family of mountaineers: my dad, Don Forest, was the first person ever to climb all the peaks in the Canadian Rockies over 11,000 ft (53 peaks) as well as the Interior Ranges of BC (11 peaks). He was the oldest person to climb Mt. Logan, Canada’s tallest mountain, on his 71st birthday. My sister is one of 7 women in Canada with her full mountain’s guide license. Cool connection, eh?

The Galaxy Project–Robert Silverberg

I won a contest! My novella, “Lucy,” and a story by Robert Walton, were selected by a stellar group of judges–Robert Silverberg, David Drake and Barry Malzberg. The prize is $1000 and online publication–I’m breathless!