Write Off the Weekend

So this weekend is IFWA’s Write-Off. Went Friday night and most of yesterday and got tons done on my novel, and am going again today. Nothing like concentrated time to really get your teeth into the novel edits.

Speaking at the Library today

Today, I am speaking at the Calgary Public Library on Editing 101. I’m told that the session is full–should be a lot of fun.

Also, Finished editing my novel, based on comments from my critique group. Into the final pass before re-submitting.

Exciting news: Alberta Foundation for the Arts Grant!

Here’s some great news! I got a grant from Alberta Foundation for the Arts to do the second revision of my novel, “Alexandre and the Pirates!” I have applied about 4-5 times for this grant and last fall I got one of those wonderful rejection letters: The project is approved, but it was below the cutoff for funding–but if there is funding left at the end of the year, it might still be funded. Of course, I couldn’t get my hopes up, but it was lovely to get the compliment.

Then about a month ago, I got a phone call asking: if I got the funding, is the project still viable? (It is: I took two months off to paint, then worked on another novel, so I haven’t come back to the second revision of Alexandre yet.) And, could I do the project for less funding than I requested? (Of course! I love that novel, and intend to pursue it in any case.)

So…this week, I got the final phone call. I got about half of the requested funding, but I’m still over the moon! So, I guess I know what I am working on, once the cheque arrives (they don’t like you to start the project before you get the funding–it’s a rule).