My first job as a book reviewer!

Now, this is cool. I was invited by editor Naomi Lewis to do a book review for Alberta Views Magazine! The book is right up my alley: a YA fantasy. I have to say, I really enjoyed the book, though it had some flaws. This made it easy to give a balanced view, because there was lots I really loved about it, but some things to critique as well.

More Reviews

It is so cool to google “Analog Science Fiction reviews” and catch new reviews that have come up for “Turning It Off” in December, and “The Most Invasive Species” in April, and find ***+ out of **** or 4.5/5, as well as the reviewers’ kind words.

So, of course, I put them on my website–but !!! sometimes the website can be really tough to update. Pages go missing or show up under the wrong menu, and then can’t be deleted, or the entire review has to be re-typed rather than cut-and-pasted because some hidden command inside of it makes the website reject it… grrr! So if my site looks a little funny right now, don’t worry–the material is all there under one heading or another. I just have to get the menus straightened out. Email has gone to my guru!

Consistency, anyone?

Spent the morning going over 3 related novels to ensure consistency: which magic wielder is in each city, and which talisman does each use? Amazing how they differ when you’ve been working on a project for a long time. Consistent now, though!

And, last night I got two new pages up on my website, representing 2 new stories that are currently out. One story I won’t be able to post (the contract for “Lucy” is 7 years, exclusive–but hey, it’s only $1.99 on Amazon), but the other I’ll be able to post in about a month (“Turning It Off,” December Analog). Also, I discovered that only my webadmin has the password to put the photos up for those pages, so they will be coming shortly–but they’re not there yet. However, in preparing the pages, I found three really good reviews of my work. You can read the review of “Lucy” here.