Teaching writing to young people

Had a great class Tuesday morning, teaching story structure to grade 7 gifted students. We came up with a story idea, outlined it in 5 scenes and students acted out the first 2 scenes–hopefully, they’ll get a chance with their regular teacher to do the last 3 scenes this week. Love working with kids!

School visit next week

So, how cool is this? Monday I start at a local school to teach writing as their artist in residence! I will work with four, grade 3/4 classes for eight half-days in January. This week, I met with the teachers to finalize plans and also joined them for a tour of a local aboriginal museum,to

Almost another chapter complete

Nice, over the holidays, to have a few quiet days–finished three and a half scenes out of the next (four-scene) chapter. That’s fourteen! January may be a less productive month as I have my own grant applications (just one, this year, though I should check to see what grant applications I am missing) as well as those for When Words Collide (three). Also, I am teaching eight half-days as an artist-in-residence–in a French school! Have to brush up on my French. And, start letting people know I am eligible for the Aurora, Hugo and Nebula awards. At least I already updated my website with access to all the stories I can. Oh, and–this just in–I made it past the first cut of the Green Man Anthology! Yay! (And if I find a little time, I have an idea for a series of watercolour paintings…) Oh, and did I just volunteer for positions on the Robin Herrington Short Story Contest committee, and maybe SFWA? Hmm.

School Visit Today

The kids at Montgomery Junior High School were really cool. Spirited, as junior high students are, but polite and well-behaved, and excited to learn more about character and dialogue. And the teachers were super-friendly! They and their library technician (who cooked up some fantastic chicken) and their student book club gave me lunch! Altogether, a great morning!